Nia Long took to social media to thank Stephen A. Smith for defending her after Ime Udoka spoke publicly about his affair scandal during a recent press conference. Last week, Smith said that Udoka owes Long an apology.

He explained, “Even if they’re not together, that is the father of her child.If you mention him and another woman, inevitably, she’s going to come up. How come nobody thought about the sister? How come they just left her out there standing on her own? I will always defend her. I will always defend her on this issue. It was- how could you do that?”

He continued, “You didn’t have to do it that way. But to have a press conference and put this business tacitly or otherwise on Front Street, you didn’t think about Nia Long at all. But you thought about the other woman, who purportedly was white. And the one woman in this equation who was innocent and victimized was not the woman that Ime Udoka was messing around with. It was Nia Long. She was the one screwed over!”

Nia thanked Stephen for his comments on IG, saying, “Thank you @stephenasmith for your support. TBC… The most disrespected person in America is the black woman’ – Malcolm X.”