After Nicki Minaj went online to complain about her food order from Red Lobster restaurant, chaos followed. It started after the restaurant forgot to include tartar sauce in her to-go order.

Instead of calling the restaurant, she posted: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but Dear Red Lobster, when I order fried shrimp, I PROMISE U, I want TARTER (sp) SAUCE. Not cocktail sauce. Sincerely, mother of a newborn w/no nanny.” She added to the tweet: “Also, Wendy’s: Please stop forgetting my ranch sauce with my chicken nuggets.”

Once her fans got involved, the posts started flying back and forth in her defense! Almost immediately, the company's official social media account posted to her: “We have you covered! We have lots of awesome sauces — cocktail, tartar, remoulade, pina colada… just let us know next time 😃.”


Nicki Minaj complained about her food order from Red Lobster and chaos followed. Her fans started trolling Red Lobster with tweets. Red Lobster apologized. The incident was over lack of tartar sauce.