Omari Hardwick has opened up about borrowing over $20,000 from 50 Cent. During a recent radio interview, he said, “He loaned me one summer, like 20 G’s. He said ‘I can’t have my number one f’d up.” The actor went on to say, “When we are loaned money, you can’t give back the same amount of money that was loan to you. Because that person’s money could have been making money.”

Hardwick continued, “The next summer he gave me more money, I haven’t re-uped yet. Didn’t have my new contract yet,  50 cent said ‘I can’t have my investment f’s up, he looks at life like that. He was developing a friendship and a brotherhood with me and I was also his investment, so he gave me another 20,000! Now, I paid that back with more interest.”