During a sit down with Joe Budden on Pull Up, Omarion discussed his decision to dump B2K from the Millenium tour. He said, “First of all, we haven’t been together in 15 years, and I mean together, together in one space for 15 years. We haven’t been around each other. We’re all on different paths.” 

He continued, “[It was] because of the business" adding that it was “difficult” for everyone to be on the same page about money. 

When Joe pressed Omarion a little more, he said, “I think that the moment for us to come together for the fans, it happened. It happened.” When asked if he thought he could have a sit down with his former bandmates, he said, “You know, what I’ll say is, we shared something unique and special as kids and I always like to look at that aspect of our relationship because we were all so very innocent. We were all young and eager to perform. So I’ll always kind of respect and treasure that aspect of the connection, because without that, I wouldn’t have had the platform and opportunity to be who I am today."

He continued, "Just like the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. Just like Beyoncé with Destiny’s Child. Just like Justin Timberlake with N’Sync. So I appreciate that. But as far as having a conversation, if there is ever an opportunity, I don’t know that that would happen anytime soon because there needs to be some time for growth and maturity. And I think as long as that happens, which isn’t promised, then I wouldn’t mind chopping it up. don’t know what we would have to discuss." 

On Apryl and Fizz, he said he wasn't too upset about it because he and Apryl were done. He explained, “I got the kind of personality, once I decide I’m done, I’m done. I don’t go back. I’m a Scorpio.” But he admitted that he was surprised when he found out they were together saying, “I mean, to be honest with you, I was reading the damn newspaper just like everyone else like, ‘What?! For real? Oh!'”