During a new radio interview, Omarion opened up about his B2K bandmate dating his ex Apryl Jones, saying that Fizz did it intentionally to bother him. He explained, “You know, it really turned up my unbothered because… No, it did in a whole 'nother way, because I knew that what he was doing was on purpose and it didn't really prove anything. It's didn't really prove anything because at the end of the day, you have to recognize that people make their own choices, and most of the time, it don't even have nothing to do with you.”

He added, “So, he made that choice and I don't think it was the smart choice.”

When asked if he questioned Apryl about the situation, he said, “Yeah, man. Yeah. I asked that many times, because I can't put—for the sake…understand, but from her perspective, someone that's hurt, hurt people hurt people. Some people just take it to another level and she definitely took it to another level.”

When asked if he was really that close to Fizz, Omarion said, “I mean, anybody that's around me, anybody that I invite into my space, I'm obviously comfortable with them. To say that we ain't close—because this was like, early on when I invited—and this will probably be the last time I speak about this… But when me and Fizz linked back up it was like definitely some synergy. He was definitely in a different personality. I would say that he was more like, humble.”

He continued, “He came over when me and Apryl was in a relationship. His invitation to be on Love & Hip Hop, all of that, so that's why I said it turned up my unbothered because I knew that it was intentional.” He added, “What you did was destroy something that, you know…one apology is not enough.”