Omarion’s baby mama, Apryl Jones, went on a rant on Instagram Live this past weekend, where she spoke on various celebrities who are interested in her — sexually. She said in the video, “And, what happened to The Game? He’s right here. He texted me, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ I’ll f**k your p***y. Slap it again. That’s that The Game said. The Game texts me all the time. B*tches love him and that n***a texts me. He loves me! He respects me! Druex, Lil Fizz. I love you, Happy Mother’s Day! I respect you! F**king Shiggyshow. F**king Nate Robinson. F**king Paul Pierce. F**king K Durant. F**king anybody! Shaq — Shaquille O’Neal. Y’all so mad! It’s okay, guys! It’s okay for people to reach out and honor someone. It doesn’t mean you’re f**king them. It just means they’re honoring you!”

She continued, “You couldn’t even get a celebrity the way y’all wanna sit here and talk sh*t. I’ma celebrity because I f**ked a celebrity and because I became what y’all thought I wasn’t gonna become. So, let me just say, I’m a celebrity because Omarion f**ked this p***y and I have two kids by him. And now, Lil Fizz wants to f**k this p***y. And, because I’m a celebrity and because The Game wants to f**k this p***y and because A$AP wants to f**k this p***y.”