During Will Smith's interview on Oprah's Apple TV+ series The Oprah Conversation, Oprah asked the actor if his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith was open. Early on in the interview, Smith said that Will and Jada's temporary split after she turned 40 helped them to discover “loving in freedom.”

When Winfrey asked about loving in freedom, Smith said that loving in freedom isn't strictly about sex, saying, “You love in freedom with everybody except your partner. It’s friendship versus marital prison … So we talk about everything. I think the difficulty that people have and difficulty in discussing it is people only think in terms of sex.”

He added, “Even the idea where people are trying to put something on it: ‘Will and Jada – what they doing with other people?’ Will and Jada ain’t really doing too much of nuthin. Will and Jada are on a spiritual journey to cleanse the poisonous, unloving parts of our hearts. And we’re doing it together in this lifetime no matter what. But the goal is not a sexual goal, everybody,” he added. “We are going to love each other no matter what.”