Orlando Brown has made a wild accusation against Michael Jackson and Will Smith — claiming that they both raped him. In a clip posted to Instagram, he said, “This whole.. this whole Will Smith s**t. I may not make a Michael Jackson boom, you feel me? Don’t think of Michael Jackson bro and I n***a set me up, bro. Jackson bro and I n***a set me up bro on everything. That n***a set me up bro. That n***a be on some other s**t.”

He continued, “N***a, you raped me as a kid. You b***h a** n***a. You raped me as a kid and you raped all of my kids, n***a. You still try to motherf***ing get away with the s**t n***a. Every time I see you I want to slice your neck, motherf***ker."

He then added, "You really really have to understand what the Bible says bro. The Bible says out of your mother and your father for your days are long, n***a. I’d killed you for that reason b***h. Don’t you ever get on the motherf***ing TV show and act like I’m the motherf***ing rapist.”

Later in the video he said his ‘real’ name was Trent alluding to the name of Will’s eldest son before also claiming he’s the ‘real’ Blanket Jackson.

A few months back, he claimed that Nick Cannon performed oral sex on him.