During a recent interview with Cam Capone News, Orlando Brown had a few things to say about Diddy. He said, “I got in my Diddy mode, I’m sorry. I started licking my lips…”

He continued, licking his lips, saying, “Yo Diddy, you gave me the oosh goshh goof wash. You gave me the oosh gosh mooaf, the shoosh smosh. Diddy… yea son.”

He added, “I love it yo, I love it.”

Of course people had alot to say about the interview. One person commented, “Whoever does these interviews with him needs to stop exploiting him. He is definitely not in his right state of mind. Yeah, there might be some truth to the stories he is telling, but I feel they need to stop interviewing him because he is not right at the moment.”

Another wrote, “Somebody around him need to help him, SERIOUSLY. It ain’t funny wut he is goin thru right now.”