A petition to remove dating guru Kevin Samuels from YouTube and Instagram recently appeared online. The petition says that Samuels created a community for men to speak negatively about women.

The petition said, “Removing [Kevin Samuels’] voice of divisive vitriol will allow women to feel safer not only in public spaces, but in online communities as well.  Freedom of Speech is a Constitutional Right for each of us, however, when that speech is loaded with thoughts and threats of violence towards women, manipulation of young women and even fantasies of death to women, that freedom of speech becomes a prison for all people those thoughts and desires are intended to isolate.”

The petition added,  “Acts of violence, sexually predatory behavior and even death has been documented as stemming from rhetoric Mr. Samuels and his community of followers has spewed in just the last 12 months alone. Women feel unsafe in the presence of men who identify with his ideology and have even been berated while going about their daily lives, (yes, even while at work), with criticisms that have been spoken directly from Mr. Samuels’ mouth. The very words that were spoken on social media platforms have permeated every facet of daily life for unsuspecting women. Removing this leader of hatred against women will bring reprieve for all of us.”

The petition has received 9,517 signatures, surpassing the 7,500 goal.