Porsha Williams' cousin Terrica Ford took to social media to call her out following the brawl that happened on Porsha's reality show Porsha's Family Matters. Ford wrote via Instagram, “One thing I don’t stand for is disrespect. I don’t care who you are….You don’t disrespect anyone’s mother, you don’t call someone’s mother out their name & you definitely don’t try and put your hands on anyone’s mother.”

She later shared her appreciation towards Dennis McKinley and his mother. She added, “So no one can ever say anything bad about them or disrespect them in my book. I will not stand for it.”

When someone asked if she agreed with Porsha dating fiance Simon Guobadia while he was still married to ex-wife Falynn, she said, “I don’t agree with messing around, better yet, being engaged to a married man, which I told Porsha my thoughts. And her response (among a few other words) “be blessed” and oh, has the lord been blessing me.”

Ford later apologized to Mama Gina and Dennis for the altercation.


Meanwhile, Simon's ex-wife Falynn Pina and boyfriend Jaylan Banks called out Simon Guobadia for comments he made on Instagram. Simon wrote, “Black men, respect is earned…not given. We earn that respect by the way we treat our children’s mothers, by NOT disrespecting them privately or publicly; otherwise we perpetuate the cycle of abuse.”

He continued, “No man or woman should promote the narrative that abuse is EVER okay. For those who are unfamiliar with what ‘abuse’ means, abuse is when someone causes us harm or distress. It can take many forms, ranging from “disrespect” to causing someone ‘physical’ or ‘mental pain.'”

Jaylan responded, “Now come on, let’s be real you know you caused ‘mental pain’ to Falynn (YOUR EX-WIFE) publicly and privately, something I never commented on out of respect for Falynn. You have no room to speak, She is still healing from trauma till THIS DAY. You should think about that before addressing a message towards black men.

When someone mentioned that Simon was possibly in pain mentally after it was assumed Falynn got pregnant by Jaylan while still being legally married to Simon. Falynn responded, “It shouldn’t have seeing how he was already sleeping with other ppl before we separated and before I got pregnant.”

Simon responded, calling Jaylan the “jobless help” and said that Falynn and Jaylan were living off of his money.