Porsha Williams' cousin Storm has accused Porsha's ex Dennis McKinley of assault and sexual harrassment. She tweeted, “Dennis physical assaulted me in Mexico. This man has sexually harassed me & now A grown 40+ year old man physically assaulted me in Mexico. I’m sick of it!”

In a separate post, Storm called Dennis a “pedophile.” She said, “I was 18/19 back when I worked for him and sexual harassed me the enter time I worked in his estrablishment . I am a lesbian . We did not ever see each other outside of work & I have messages . Stop the cap emoji no body want his fat a**.”

Storm continued, “This man sexual harassed me for months until I QUIT. I was not fired . #PorshasFamilyMatters I just got another job. I was a young woman trying to just get a job…. After being sexually harassed I left.”

She added, “I have been silenced for so many years. I have been silenced about this man for the sake of respecting people,”