Porsha Williams took to Instagram to respond to a photo floating around showing her bent over in front of a cop. Many assumed that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was actually twerking on a cop, but Porsha clarified that she was actually picking up a bottle of water. She wrote, “You all have really lost your mind ! If you can possibly believe I was dancing on a cop before being arrested for peacefully protesting for our beloved Breonna Taylor. I was actually picking up my water and had no idea he was behind me.”

She continued, “Whoever took this pic and sent to reddit with this headline you should be ashamed of yourself. Smh SAD… Anyway I guess I shouldn’t have addressed this but I’m human to and this is a cause close to my heart …I will not be discredited with foolishness. I stand for justice and I will continue to demand justice for #BreonnaTaylor #YouCantStopTheRevolution #SayHerName.”