Tyka Nelson, Prince’s only full sibling, has revealed specifics about the final conversations she had with her brother before he died on April 21, 2016. Tyka visited Prince at his home in Paisley Park less than a week before his death. Tyka noticed that Price had lost weight, and recalls their evasive conversation. “A couple of times I said, ‘How are you really?’ He didn’t go into anything with me. That was bothering me, and he knew it was…but that was all he wanted to tell me.” Tyka last spoke with Prince over the phone four days before he died. “He kept avoiding questions,” she said. “I kept getting mad. I felt like, ‘Talk to me for two seconds.’ He’d change the subject, make a joke and then we’d both laugh.” Nelson is currently working on her memoir. “We are not there yet,” she said. “We’ve got a few more chapters. It’s about me and my family.” (Ultimate Classic Rock)