During a bail hearing for Terrica Ellis last week, prosecutors said that Tim Norman — the Sweetie Pies star accused of the 2016 murder of his nephew Andre Montgomery, believed that Montgomery stole $200,000 before plotting his murder. As previously reported, Norman was arrested last month and charged with conspiracy to use a cellphone in the commission of a murder-for-hire, resulting in death. He was also accused of conspiring with Ellis, a stripper from Memphis, Tennessee, to have his nephew killed so he could get a $450K life insurance policy.

Now, according to STL Today, during the bail hearing, Detective Donald Thurman revealed that Montgomery was a suspect in the theft of $200,000 in cash from the home of his grandmother, Tim's mother Robbie Montgomery, also known as Miss Robbie. Ellis, who had an intimate relationship with Tim, told investigators that the theft made Norman's “boys” want to “get up on” Andre.

Detective Thurman also revealed that Norman offered Ellis $10,000 to “secure the location” of his nephew on the night that he was killed.

Tim remains incarcerated at Mississippi's Madison County Detention Center.