R. Kelly has been accused of trying to blackmail and threaten the families of his alleged victims. According to documents obtained by The Blast, the prosecution claims that Kelly will be a threat is he is released on bond. Prosecutors are trying to keep the singer behind bars as he awaits trial by pointing out his history of intimidating witnesses and victims. 

The prosecution showed the court letters written to an unnamed accuser’s lawyer. In the letters, Kelly threatened to “compromising and potentially embarrassing photographs” if she pursued criminal case against him. They also provided proof to stop Kelly from claiming that his learning disabilities would prevent him from writing the letters. Prosecutors provided the judge with screenshots of Kelly’s conversations with the woman and the pictures he planned to release. These items were allegedly attached to the letters that were sent to the victim. They claim that Kelly is known to coerce “women to write letters containing false and embarrassing allegations" while several women claim that he issued "veiled threats designed to prevent [them] from testifying against him." 

They also tackled the singer’s claims that his lack of finances will prevent him from being a flight risk. Per the documents, Kelly is owed “hundreds of thousands of dollars" in back royalties. They also said that Kelly would be able to redirect his money from his frozen accounts to a third party. They went on to say that this money could be used to help Kelly evade prosecution. They believe that Kelly would also use this money to either pay off witnesses of have them harmed.