R. Kelly had a paid nightclub appearance this past weekend in Springfield, Illinois and he took to Twitter to ask the media to take it easy on him. The singer made an appearance at the Dirty South Loung and was paid an undisclosed amount to pary with fans.

Kellz said on Twitter, [“I got an event to do tonight, and I want the media to just take it easy on me, man. This is how I gotta get paid now for right now. So I gotta go do this event, and it’s a party, so when you see me in the club with a couple of drinks in my hand, and chilling — please, take it easy yall.”] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC . . . it easy y'all)

This marks one of his first appearances since being under investigation for criminal sexual abuse involving underage girls. 


In other news, Gayle King has revealed that R. Kelly and his team were pleased with his explosive interview with her on CBS This Morning. She told Page Six, “I think he is open to another sit-down at a later date. I certainly hope so.”

She added, “I called [his team] the next day because it blew up in such a way, so I just wanted to take their temperature to see how they were feeling. They were really pleased — because they thought people got to see how passionate he was. They got to see his pain, and maybe they got to look at it in a different way.”