R. Kelly has denied claims that he slept with Aaliyah’s mother, Diane Haughton. As previously reported, according to Complex, one of Kelly’s alleged victims, Lisa Van Allen, said that the singer admitted to sleeping with Aaliyah’s mother. Van Allen said, “He said when Aaliyah went to sleep, he would go in the living room and him and her would do sexual acts on the couch while Aaliyah was sleeping in the bedroom.” 

Sources close to the singer told TMZ that Kelly has denied Allen’s accusations that he slept with Haughton. However, he maintains that him and Haughton were good friends. 

In other news, according to audio obtained by The Blast, R. Kelly’s girlfriend, Joyceyln Savage, said that the singer was upset with her and threatened to make her “earn his trust back” after telling him that she told her family that they had a sexual relationship. Savage told her voice coach after her family found out about the sexual relationship with Kelly. In the audio, Savage said “I told him what was going on. He can’t trust me … I have to gain his trust back because he really likes me a lot.” Savage went on to say that Kelly wanted her to send a text message that said, “I lied about me and you having sex.” She also revealed that Kelly may have given her an STD, and that she was nervous about her father finding out if she tested positive for anything. 


In other news, according to Baller Alert, a judge has ruled to allow cameras inside of the courtroom for R. Kelly’s sexual abuse case — including the singer’s trial and pretrial hearings. However, according to the Associated Press, Kelly’s accusers will not be photographed or filmed without permission. 

Two of Kelly’s accusers have already refused to be on camera.