R. Kelly's music sales increased over 500% following his guilty conviction in his federal racketeering case. Since Kelly's conviction on September 27th, the New York Post reports that Kelly's sales have increased by 517%, and when Rolling Stone compared this year to 2017, they reported: “In 2017, Kelly was averaging around 5.4 million on-demand audio streams per week, and this year he’s averaged around 6.4 million.” 

In other news, Faith Rodgers, who is one of R. Kelly's victims, has responded to Bill Cosby's publicist Andrew Wyatt saying that Kelly was "railroaded."  She said, "To me, that is beyond insulting. After meeting R. Kelly when I was 19 years old, for that year and a half, he manipulated me for his own enjoyment and sexually abused me and tried to control me. When I made the choice to come forward with my story, he threatened me on multiple occasions, that if I continued to go forward with the telling of my truth, he would publish nude videos and pictures of me.” She added, “R. Kelly did receive a fair trial. He was not railroaded."