TMZ has reported that R. Kelly is finally out of solitary confinement and will join the general population. Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg told the site that the singer was moved on Tuesday (September 3rd) and claims that he was only kept in solidity by prison officials as a form of punishment due to his fame and the nature of his alleged crimes.

Greenberg also said that although Kelly will be in general population, which is normally considered more dangerous, security measures will be put in place to ensure that Kelly is safe.

The singer will now be allowed 10 non-attorney visits instead of the one visit he was allowed while in solitary. He will also be given more time for phone calls and allowed to send emails.

Prosecutors confirmed that Kelly was being moved to general population in a court filing, but added that he was briefly in solitary confinement at this request. In the documents, state prosecutors said that Kelly had asked to be placed in a secluded wing of the prison called the Special Housing Unit with no cellmates. They then said that Kelly eventually had cellmates.