R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary says that she is ready to tell everyone about her life with R. Kelly. Clary — who met R. Kelly when she was 17, said on her YouTube page, “Truthfully, I feel like this man is in his fifties. I am not the first person this man has done this too. This has been happening since the nineties. This has been happening since way before Aaliyah. Aaliyah was not his first victim and not the first minor he was with.”

She continued, “I feel like someone who had millions and millions of dollars if he really wanted to change he would have spent millions and millions of dollars on therapists. But instead, he spent his money on getting more girlfriends and supporting more girlfriends. He had a personal trainer for his fitness, personal dentist, personal doctor, so It would have been nothing for this man to get a personal therapist.”

Azriel also said that R. Kelly blamed her and Joycelyn Savage for the entire Mute R. Kelly movement because their parents were the most vocal.

Azriel Clary says she is going to tell her story :