R. Kelly's former goddaughter testified in the singer's federal trial in Chicago yesterday (August 18th) that the singer had sex with her hundreds of times before she turned 18 — and stated that she was only 15 the first time they had sex. The woman — who is being identified as “Jane Doe,” and her parents denied that she had a sexual relationship with the singer for years and she was not called to testify at his 2008 trial, although prosecutors claimed she was the girl on his sex tape video.

The woman– who is now 37, told the jury that she had sex with Kelly regularly as a minor because she was too intimidated to say no. She also testified that she viewed him as a figure of authority and didn't know how to respond to his requests. She also said that she didn't know how to say “no” to Kelly and went along with the sex for so long that it started to feel like a normal thing.

Jane Doe testified that she asked Kelly to be her godfather back in the late 1990s when she was 13 after her aunt urged her to do so. She said that things turned sexual between then shortly after.

She said that when she was 14, Kelly started touching her breasts inside a Chicago recording studio and by the time she was 15, things escalated. She claimed that she had sex with the singer” innumerable times” before her 18th birthday and the encounters took place at his home, recording studio, tour bus and hotel rooms.

Jane also testified that she and Kelly would have sex with other teenage girls he had her recruit. She also testitifed that he recorded some of their sexual encounters when she was only 14.

Jane also revealed during her testimony that her aunt Stephanie — R&B singer Sparkle, was collaborating and having a sexual relationship with Kelly when she first met him. Jane testified that Stephanie encouraged her to ask Kelly to be her godfather so that she could build a better relationship with him. She claimed that Stephanie told her to sit on Kelly's lap and rub his head when she bought it up to him and Kelly said yes.

Last night (August 18th), people went to Sparkle's Instagram page to drag her for her neice's testimony, asking if she really told her to sit on R. Kelly's lap and rub his head, Sparkle responded in her comments, “Absolutely NOT!! I can't help the lies told on me & under oath at that . . . & cause ya Momma (my sister) mad at me nfor speakin truth in SRK for their horrible parenting, my song Open Letter & cause y'all were FORCED to testify.”