Yesterday (January 8th) R. Kelly's girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage got into a physical altercation at his Trump Tower condo. Azriel captured the entire incident on her Instagram Live. She went to the condo to get some of her belongings and at some point, she started arguing with Savage over the fact that she bought men to the condo with her. The argument then escalated to to a physical altercation.

TMZ obtained footage of the incident, showing Savage screaming at Clary, saying that she was disrespecting Kelly's house. Clary insisted that she was doing nothing wrong and just wanted to protect herself. During the altercation, Clary can be heard accusing Savage of sleeping with her when she was still a minor and threated to report her to the cops.

Meanwhile, after the incident, Azriel told the cops that the altercation began when Savage allowed a woman named “Kimberly” into the apartment. Clary told cops that Kimberly was an R. Kelly handler but she didn't know her and she was uncomfortable with her being in th home. Clary also told cops that she wanted to press charges on Savage.

TMZ reported that Clary was later taken to the hospital for further evaluation. She tweeted earlier, “If I could be 17 again..” She later wrote, “Today’s a good day to go to jail. I know where the skeletons are buried. You wanna play chess, let’s play . . . Joycelyn: “Lying b*tch!” Azriel: “You were sleeping with me as a minor!” Joycelyn: “LIAR!” Azriel: . . . I know how to fight. I'm pressing charges too!” Joycelyn: ” She's crazy!” Azriel: ” . . . Kimberly, I feel sorry for you! You're going to jail, mama!”

Azriel talks to cops about the fight:

“So, Joycelyn Savage, we both live here. She came up here with woman named Kimberly. . . She came to me and attacked me and I would like to press charges immediately . . . I don't know how Kimberly is. She's someone who supports him. She's a handler.” “And um, she came here with keys. I didn't let her come here first because I didn't know who she was. . . . So, then Joycelyn came back up here. I was up here with people who I know whom I trust. . . . She started saying that I'm so wrong. And I told her Joycelyn, you're going to jail. You slept with that minor. That minor is me. And she started saying oh, I can't believe you're saying all of this stuff. And then she started attacking me.”

Azriel says R. Kelly has been lying to everyone:

“I'm finna be an advocate for women . . . Do I feel good? I kinda do! I aint even gonna cap, cuz you know what, Rob has been lying to all of yall! . . . And he has people like me lying for him! . . . So we got on Gayle King as stupid as f*cking be. . . . I want this b*tch in jail. F*ck all this!”

Azriel says R. Kelly has been lying :

Clip 1 Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage fight :

Clip Two Azriel tells cops about fight with Joycelyn :

Clip1 Azriel tells cops about fight with Joycelyn :