R. Kelly's manager has revealed the reason why he filmed his sexual encounters with alleged underaged girls. According to The Jasmine Brand, Don Russell said, "The videos exist, but you have to think about this, Mike Tyson went to jail for what? He couldn’t prove what happened in that room, right? He’s not taping videos because he gets something off from it. He could have sex everyday if he wanted to, he’s R. Kelly. You got to think about that. The only way to prove that it was consensual is maybe for him to tape it. That’s not what he chose to do, he was advised to do so on some occasions." 

Russell then questioned how an alleged 14-year-old made her way into R. Kelly's bedroom, saying, "…Whoever let the 14-year-old whatever you guys are saying, whoever let them get in the room…how did they get in there? Why did they get in there?”

Russell also agreed that Kelly's alleged victims are attempting to extort him. In fact, he mentioned Assante McGee, who appeared in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, specifically. He said, "You got Assante McGee, who’s got, what, seven felonies? For extortion, for bribery, for theft. Why is her rap sheet not in question right now? Why is she not the person people are looking at thinking she might have extorted him?"