A video went viral yesterday of Ray J and Raz B getting into a minor scuffle over a business disagreement. According to The Shaderoom, the two are working together on a television show and after reviewing the footage, they both realized how violent the show is, and Ray J, who is the producer and director, has expressed hopes of the network shutting down the show because he thinks it’s “bad for the culture.”

Raz B agreed that the footage of the show is violent but he said the show was Ray J's ide anad now he feels like he is looking crazy to the investors on the project, now that Ray J no longer wants the project to see the light of day.

Raz said, “If the company wants to put the footage out, what can I do if they pay for it?”

Ray J explained that although he is not fully on board with the project’s release, he really wants to help out the individuals that were a part of the violent altercations featured on the show.

Ray J and Raz later made peace. Ray told The Shaderoom, “We had a misunderstanding- I didn’t even push him like that- and I’m taking a pic with that girl and that’s why u hear ‘Bobby you should be up here!’ Clearly, you can see her posing for a pic smh. Come on Raz! Damn, I can’t win for losing.”