Ray J opened up about his marital issues with wife Princess Love — which will be played out on their upcoming four part Zeus special Ray J & Princess Love — The Conversation. During an interview on The Talk with sister Brandy, Ray J said about his marriage, “It’s hot in the kitchen. I watched a little bit of the conversation that we had and I’m still bothered just by where we are, but God is working everything through. And we are trying to address the situation. You know what I’m saying, and try to become a solution to the problem.”

He continued, “So it just takes a little bit of time. And it’s a really rocky, bumpy road and we’re trying to figure it out. Even though this process, I feel like a lot of people can relate to it.”

Ray J said that the three years they've been marriage has been “wonderful” but added that “life isn’t easy.”

When Brandy was asked how it felt to see her brother's marital issues play out publicly, she said, “I have a soft spot for Ray J, so it’s very hard to hear his life, you know, all over social media and television, you know, it’s difficult. And I just feel some things should be dealt in private, so it won’t be a lot of people in his comments and business and Princess’ business. I think that everybody doesn’t have to have a say in what is going on in your life.”

“The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love” premieres Sunday, March 15th on Zeus.