Raz B of B2K has accused a Lyft driver of stealing from him. According to TMZ, a source close to the singer said that Raz B used a Lyft early Thursday morning (May 9th) and slept the entire 27-minute drive through Jacksonville, Florida. When he woke up, apparently he was still half asleep and just got out — forgetting his Louis Vuitton bag. The bag is worth $2,500 and also had an iPad in it. The singer reportedly called the driver to see if he would turn around and return the bag, but Raz B said the driver hung up on him. He also texted the driver, but received no response. 

A rep for Lyft later told TMZ that the driver dropped off the items at a central secure location, adding, “We have let the rider know where he can collect his items. We're glad that this issue could be resolved quickly.”