TWO MEMBERS OF 112 WON’T PARTICIPATE IN VERZUZ BATTLE: The 112 Verzuz battle against Jagged Edge is set to take place later today (May 25th), but apparently all of the members of 112 will not be present. Daron Jones and Quinnes “Q” Parker revealed via social media that they will not be participating due to unresolved legal issues. Parker and Jones shared the same message on their Instagram pages, which said, “Thank you for the outpouring love and support. It is incredible and we appreciate how much of your heart and soul you have poured into our careers. We are simply blown away by the passion you have for our music. But unfortunately we will not be participating in the upcoming Verzuz with Jagged Edge due to an ongoing legal issue that is not settled.”

TAMAR BRAXTON SPEAKS ON HER RELATIONSHIP WITH EX-HUSBAND VINCENT HERBERT: Tamar Braxton has spoken on her relationship with ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, saying that they are in a “really good place.” During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tamar said, “[It’s] not even just that, it’s all the years of trying to figure out where we fit, right? Because for 16 years, we’ve been together and been best friends, and I think what we had to revert back to is, remembering that we were friends first and it took a little while, especially, you know, with [my boyfriend, David Adefeso], in the mix of things. But we’re in a really, really good place.” The Braxton sister added that it’s about her and Vince’s son, Logan. She said, “We realized it’s not about us. It’s not about our feelings. It’s not about what happened. It’s about Logan, and it’s about us setting the best example for him and being there for him. So, that’s the choice we made. You have to make that choice, though.”