AALIYAH’S ESTATE IN TALKS TO BRING HER MUSIC TO STREAMING SERVICES: On the 19th anniversary of her death, Aaliyah‘s estate announced that her music will be bought to streaming services. The estate tweeted that they have commenced communication with “various record labels” regarding the status of the singer’s catalogue, including “its availability on streaming platforms in the near future.” The catalogue has been under the purview of her uncle and founder of Blackground Records, Barry Hankerson.

MARY J. BLIGE DOESN’T LIKE TO BE CALLED ‘AUNTIE‘: Mary J. Blige hates being called “Auntie Mary.” During an interview with Hip Hollywood, Mary said, “I was literally thinking, ‘Why can’t I just be your sister? And there’s women that are way older than me calling me auntie.” She continued, “I’m like, come on B. Come on. Can’t I just be your sister? Your friend in your head? The auntie is like, come on. Not if you’re 10 years older than me. Please don’t call me auntie. I’ll be your sister and your friend in your head.”

BRANDY’S HAIRSTYLIST SAYS SHE NEVER WORE A BRAIDED WIG: Brandy’s former hairstylist has shut down long time rumors that she wore a braided wig back in the 90s. Chuck Amos shared throwback photos of Brandy, including a pic from the set of “The Boy Is Mine” featuring Monica. Chuck said, “I did @Brandy’s hair for her first 2 Albums 1994-1999! I WAS THERE, on set, for #TheBoyIsMine video, shot in LA!…”He continued, “The call time was so early in the morning, Brandy got her makeup done, while laying down napping, by @QueenNzingha and I did her hair after that! During ‘The Boy is Mine’ cover shoot, shot at the 31st street studios, in NYC, @MonicaDenise, was 2hrs late!” He added, “…Now Let Me “Set The Record Straight”… Brandy NEVER HAD ‘Lace Front’ Braids EVERRRR!! That is ‘A LIE’ and a FALSE RUMOR!! I was there, FirstHand DOING her hair!”