ALICIA KEYS REVEALS WHY SHE WANTED SWIZZ BEATZ' KIDS TO CALL HER UMI INSTEAD OF STEPMOM: In her new book, More Myself: A Journey, Alicia Keys revealed why she Swizz Beatz's kids call her Umi instead of stepmom. According to Madamenoire, she said, “When KJ was little he started referring to me as his stepmom, which didn’t feel like the right vibe to me, especially when Egypt began mimicking KJ and also calling me stepmom. So Swizz and I came up with an alternative: KJ would call me Umi (pronounced OOH-me), a beautiful word that means mother in Arabic. Egypt and Genesis now also call me Umi, in addition to Mommy.” She also talked about Swizz's ex-wife Mashonda, who she says “has her own relationship with our boys, independent of Swizz and me, and she sometimes even picks up Genesis from school, as well as brings the boys little gifts. None of this has to be planned. The blending, at this point, is fluid, relaxed, and second nature.”

H.E.R. PAYS HER STAFF ENOUGH MONEY TO WITHSTAND COVID-19: Singer-songwriter H.E.R. has paid her staff enough for a few months in order to make sure they were alright amid the coronavirus pandemic. One of H.E.R.'s background singer's Ajanee Hambrick revealed the news on Instagram, “I’ve been gone for a second because My family was directly effected by COVID 19 All of us were infected with the virus. Today This BOSS just blessed her whole team With some COVID 19 funds to help us through the next few months I’m not talking about alil bag for groceries! SHE JUST BLESSED EVERY LAST ONE OF US! THANK YOU sis!” She added, “I hope every artist who HAS It like that gives back to their team! Especially if they have been down from day 1 Thank You @hermusicofficial for being someone who leads by example!"

ARI LENNOX STRUGGLES TO PUT ON A LACEFRONT, SNOOP DOGG COMMENTS: Ari Lennox went on Instagram Live  and hilariously struggled trying to put on a lace front wig. While trying to use lace glue spray for the second time, she said, “We’er going to try you one more mother f*cking time. That’s right, we’re going to push you to the front, going to close my eye and we’re going lay you the f*ck down b*tch like a g*ddamn f*cking criminal by the f*cking ops.” Snoop Dogg decided to weigh in in the comments, writing, “Grow your own hair what happened to those days," alongside a struggle emoji. Of course Snoop got dragged. One person wrote, “He CHOSE to call her out SPECIFICALLY! How many friends does he have that wear wigs?” Another wrote, "The fact that she's always wearing her natural hair but god forbid she puts on a wig once." Ari responded to Snoop herself, posting a picture of Snoop wearing a blonde wig, along with the caption, "Uncle I just…I just thought we had an understanding…"

Ari Lennox tries to put on a lacefront :