ALICIA KEYS SAYS ‘EMPIRE STATE OF MIND’ ALMOST DIDN’T HAPPEN: In a recent radio interview, Alicia Keys revealed that "Empire State of Mind" with Jay Z almost didn't happen. She explained,  "For a minute, it wasn’t even going to come together. He couldn’t find me, he couldn’t get in touch with me for whatever reason." When they finally did connect, Alicia revealed that Jay -Z didn’t like the first draft of the song. She explained, "I actually cut it in L.A. I think that was the problem. You’re not supposed to cut a song about New York in L.A. It’s just wrong. … After I sent it in … he hits me back like 'Could you sing it again?' … So then I brought it back to New York, I cut it right … and there it is."

KERI HILSON DENIES GETTING PLASTIC SURGERY: Keri Hilson has denied getting any kind of plastic surgery. The singer-songwriter posted a few old pictures of herself and her family for National Siblings day. She captioned the photo, “That one time I wore two french rolls & Decatured up the family pic…and that other time I wore a short jumpsuit & brought the yams to a classy white shoot. ?????? Safe to say I’ve always been a well-intended rebel.” When someoe wrote, “Your nose job was spectacular. Excellent surgery,” she responded, “It’s called discovering the joys of contour. You can take that line a looooot of places BUT here. I’ve explained this a million times throughout the years. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you I’ve never touched any parts of my entire body & yes that includes my face.”