IRV GOTTI SAYS ASHANTI'S SONG 'HAPPY' WAS CREATED AFTER THEY HAD SEX: Irv Gotti has claimed that he came up with the idea for Ashanti's 2002 hit “Happy” after they had sex. During a visit to Drink Champs, he explained, “We just finished sleeping together or whatever. I’m taking a shower, I’m in the shower, you know a ni**a creative after sex. I think of the whole track in the shower.” He added, “That record came about because of our energy.” Meanwhile, Ashanti reunited with her ex Nelly mon stage during his My 2000s Playlist set.

FRANK OCEAN'S LUXURY BRAND HOMER ANNOUNCES $25,000 C*CK RING: According to Complex, Frank Ocean's luxury brand Homer has announced a new line of accessories, which includes a diamond c*ck ring. The 18 karat yellow gold c*ck ring, dubbbed the XXL H-Bone Ring, retails for $25,570.

RSVP IS REALLY A THING!: It looks like Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V and Pleasure P have officially launched their new supergroup RSVP. The singers made it official with an announcement on their group's new Instagram page. The post read, “THE MISSION BEGINS NEXT WEEK! A lot in store…Tv Shows? Albums? Let us know what y’all think‼️RSVP”