ASHANTI BREAKS SILENCE ON IRV GOTTI: During an interview on Angie Martinez's podcast, Ashanti opened up about Irv Gotti's recent comments about her. On Irv's claims that he and Ashanti were in a serious relationship, Ashanti said that she feels like Irv is not “mentally in a good place” is “selfish” and has “narcisstic ways.” She added that Irv also has “feminine qualities.” On whether they had a romantic relationship, Ashanti said, “Irv has his side and his version.” She added, “Sometimes when you know like . . . you may think that it's something and the other person knows that it's not. you manifested it into something that is big and its really not that. And when that person figures out that it's not that, that person turns into a differnt person.” She continued, “Irv has flat out lied about a lot of things.” On if she and Irv were in a relationship, Ashanti said, “Lets clear this up. we're not gonna say relationship. We dealt with each other but was Irv my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend? Never.” When Angie mentioned if Irv was married at the time, Ashanti said, “That's my point. Irv had several girlfriends. So I'm a little confused by the thought and the label and description.”

RIHANNA TO RELEASE NEW SONG FOR 'BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER' THIS FRIDAY: Rihanna is set to release her first new single in nearly six years this Friday (October 28th) as part of the ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ soundtrack. Marvel Studios made the announcement official via Twitter.