ASHANTI SAYS DIDDY THOUGHT A SONG SHE WROTE FOR J.LO WAS ABOUT HIM: During her interview with Fat Joe, Ashanti recalled having to convinced Diddy that J.Lo's "Aint It Funny" remix — which she wrote, was about him. Ashanti said, “I wrote the ‘Ain’t It Funny’ remix and I believe Ja [Rule] wrote the hook. That was during the time that her[Jennifer] and Puff [Diddy] were going through that situation and on everything I love, Puff hit up somebody from the label and was like ‘Yo is she talking about me’ and I was like ‘No I promise it’s not about you.”

TREY SONGZ REVEALS THAT HE WANTED TO SIGN SUMMER WALKER: During a radio interview, Trey Songz revealed that he wanted to sign Summer Walker two years back. He explained, “But funny story about Summer Walker that a lot of people don’t know — actually, nobody knows. I got this app in my phone that I store music in, unreleased music — everything from people sending me songs that they’d like me to listen to or like me to cut or feature on, et cetera. So I had this song that I would listen to and I forgot who sent it to me." He added,  “So, it’s like two years I’m listening to this girl singing this song, the ‘Girls Need Love’ song. So I’m like, I text Moo, do you know who sent this song? I text every producer I know personally, ‘Do you know who’s singing this song?’ I love this girl. I want to sign this girl. And then like two years later, Summer Walker comes out with ‘Girls Need Love.'”