BEYONCE CELEBRATES 5TH ANNIVERSARY OF ‘LEMONADE’ ALBUM: Beyonce took to social media to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Lemonade album. Beyonce wrote via Instagram,  “I’m grateful that this body of work has resonated so deeply with so many people.  I’m so thankful for all the beautiful souls involved in making one of my favorite pieces of art. As I celebrate five years of LEMONADE, I encourage everyone to continue healing, loving, forgiving and uplifting.”  She concluded, “I hope you find joy today.”

DIONNE WARWICK SAYS SHE WILL HAVE TO THINK ABOUT WHETHER MARIAH CAREY AND TONI BRAXTON ARE ICONS: During an interview with TrueExclusives, Dionne Warwick spoke about what it means to be an icon in the music industry. She said, “I don’t know. I just know when that status is reached, we know who they are. But what it takes, I don’t know. I wish I had the answer.” When asked if she considered Mariah Carey a music icon, she said, “I don’t know. I don’t know her that well. I love her music. She writes incredibly well. ‘Hero’ happens to be one of my favorite songs that she wrote. I’d have to give that one thought.” When asked if she thought Toni Braxton was an icon, she said, “I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s something that Toni would want; if that where she feels she’s heading. I think she’s enjoying her status as a recording artist. I enjoy watching and hearing her. I don’t know if it’s something she wishes to accomplish or not. That’s another one I’ll have to give thought to.”

USHER TALKS USING ‘USH BUCKS’ TO PROMOTE LAS VEGAS RESIDENCY: Usher has opened up about using “Ush Bucks” to promote his upcoming Las Vegas residency.  As previously reported, a stripper accused the singer of using fake money during a recent visit at a strip club. During an interview with Billboard, Usher said, “The idea behind Usher Bucks was really as a way of promoting the residency. And since then, there has been more conversations, thus proving roads lead to Las Vegas. We’ve been working on the merchandise for the night and that was the start of it.” He added, “I have a really great team, behind the scenes and on the stage putting together the show, promoting the show, coming up with ideas of how to promote the show and market the merchandising. A lot of great detail and thought has gone into the experience. From the moment you walk into the Coliseum to the moment you leave the Coliseum we’re going to definitely make it an environment to enjoy, experience, and celebrate.” Usher has announced new dates in August. 

ASHANTI ADDRESSES MYSTERY MAN: Ashanti has addressed the mystery man that she took a photo with during a recent trip to Cancun. The singer posted the photo onto Instagram, along with the caption, “Great Times.” After the singer started trending after posting to picture, the singer addressed the mystery man, saying, “Lmaoooo NO! He’s one of the managers at the restaurant!!! He is NOT my man and we are NOT DATING.”

BABY BLUE OF PRETTY RICKY WALKS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE BEING SHOT: Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky has walked for the first time since being shot last week. According to TMZ, this is a major milestone since it was reported that the rapper would have to learn to walk and breathe again. He is also breathing on his own now. As previously reported, Baby Blue, born Diamond Blue Smith, was shot during an attempted robbery at SpareZ Bowling Alley in Davie, Florida last week. 

CHRISTINA MILIAN AND MATT POKORA WELCOME SECOND CHILD TOGETHER: Christian Milian and Matt Pokora have welcomed their third child, a baby boy named Kenna. She posted a picture holding her son, along with the caption, “Kenna, Welcome to the world baby boy!Wow, What an adventure we’ve been on since the day he was conceived! I thank God everyday for blessing me with his super active energy (wonder where he gets it from? 👀) and now to meet our healthy baby boy?! Thankful. Blessed.” She added, “Now it’s party of 5 baby! Thank you my @mattpokora for being the best partner/dad/ best friend a woman could ask for. You’re a king in my eyes.”

H.E.R. ANNOUNCES DEBUT ALBUM ‘BACK OF MY MIND’: H.E.R. has announced her debut album Back of My Mind, which is due out this summer. The singer also revealed the title on a handwritten notepad which included the title track along with a second song called “We Made It.”  This marks H.E.R.’s official debut. She previously released a series of EPs and compilations including 2017’s H.E.R. and 2019’s I Used to Know Her.