BEYONCE CELEBRATES HER MOM TINA KNOWLES-LAWSON'S BIRTHDAY: Beyonce celebrated her mom Tina Knowles-Lawson's 67th birthday yesterday (January 4th). She posted a picture on IG, along with the caption, “Happy birthday to my beloved matriarch! You are my Queen, my heart, my strength, the bone in my spine. You are my inspiration. I hope you have everything in your life that your soul desires. Mama, I love you deep deep!”

EN VOGUE'S DAWN ROBINSON SAYS LUTHER VANDROSS DIDN'T LIKE THEM: En Vogue's Dawn Robinson revealed in a recent interview that Luther Vandross didn't like the group when they toured with him. She explained, “He didn’t like us very much.” She revealed that it was added in their contract the group was restricted from wearing certain colors like red, white, blue, or black. They also could not wear anything that would attract light such as sequins, or anything flashy, which is what girl groups would typically wear. Dawn revealed a time where the R&B icon called the cops on them for passing his dressing room to get to the stage. She explained, “He wanted us to take a cart and have one of those golf carts drive us around to the front of the venue of the coliseum, with all the fans at the concession stands buying stuff. He wanted us to drive all the way through the hallway, go to the front of the building and walk down the steps past all the fans…and walk to the stage. ‘Do not pass my door."”