DOES BEYONCE POST COOKING VIDEOS ON HER PRIVATE INSTAGRAM???!!!: The Beyhive went crazy after it appeared that her mom Tina Lawson revealed that her superstar daughter Beyonce posts cooking videos on to her Instagram page. During an Instagram Live interview, Ms. Tina was talking about cooking and she said, “Kelly can cook, Solange can cook, (silence), and Angie, Beyonce has been cooking a lot on Instagram. She needs to start a channel.” Mama Tina clarified that she was actually talking about her neice Angie Beyince and not her daughter Beyonce. She explained that maiden name is actually Beyince. She said, "Guys Beyince’ And Beyonce are pronounce the exact same way. It is five Beyoncé children that my daddy had. Only the first three had the same spelling Beyince’ me and my youngest brother had Beyonce’ on our birth certificates . So however they spelled it on our birth certificate is how we spelled it also. But it is all pronounced the same please do not try to correct me on Pronunciation on my own last name???”

WOULD MONICA GET BACK WITH HER EX ROCKO?: During a live with T.I. and Tiny, Monica opened up about what kind of man she'd like to date. She said sh ewould have to date someone between the age of 32 and 42. She said that the man doesn't have to be famous but they would have to be able to "handle what fame brings." When asked if she would consider getting back with her ex and children's father Rocko, she said, “We been apart for 10 years and over the last few, I would say over the last six months, he really has become one of my best friends. Because see what people don’t understand is, when you raise kids together, stuff starts going in stages.” When T.I. said that Monica and Rocco are meant for each other because "I think y’all the only ones that can handle one another’s type." Monica responded, “He’s in a relationship and we have not dealt with each other at all in 10 and a half years."