BEYONCE AND TINA LAWSON LAUNCH COVID-19 TESTING INITIATIVE IN HOUSTON: Beyoncé is teaming up with her mom, Tina Lawson, to launch a new initiative with BeyGOOD. The mom and daughter duo will be supporting mobile testing sites for the upcoming weekend, with the #IDIDMYPART initiative, which encourages residents in Houston, Texas, to get tested in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign will launch on May 8th and continue over the weekend. It will provide 1,000 test kits, as well as face masks, gloves, vitamins, and household supplies to Houstonians. The test is free and administered under safe conditions; participants will not even have to exit their vehicles. Check out the locations and more details on the BeyGOOD page.

RAY J SAYS PRINCESS LOVE WON'T LET HIM SEE THE KIDS UNTIL HE QUARANTINES: Ray J says Princess Love won't let him see his children until he is alone in quarantine. According to Page Six, Ray J said Princess wants him to quarantine for seven days before he can see their kids and he has to start over if he hangs out with anyone. “I’m lonely right now. I don’t want to quarantine by myself. I keep telling Princess, but she says, ‘If I see one person over there with you, you got to start over.' He says. “So I really have to lock myself in, because I really miss my kids.” He continued, “She said I got to put in seven days alone, and I’m good with the seven, but she really want me to do 14, so it’s hard to look at the 13 days left."

702 MEMBER MISHA FIELDS SAYS HUSBAND AND SON KICKED HER OUT OF THEIR HOME: 702 singer LeMisha Fields shared via Instagram that her husband and son kicked her out of her home and she was homeless. She said, “After all that I’ve done for them, they threw me out like a piece of trash when I was at my lowest.” She later added, “EDIT: Thank you to everyone who commented asking for my Cash app. This is not  a joke…I was put out yesterday with barely any money and couldn’t get all my stuff. Furniture, clothes, shoes and my studio equipment etc! If you want to help, I appreciate it.”


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