BEYONCE RETURNED TO THE STAGE IN DUBAI THIS PAST WEEKEND: Beyonce returned to the stage this weekend to perform for an exclusive event in Dubai. According to The Daily Mail, the music icon performed at the opening of the Atlantis The Royal and made a reported $35 million for the 75 minute set. Celebrities that attended the performance included Chloe and Halle, model Kendall Jenner, and actors Nia Long, Winston Duke, and Leticia Wright. In other news, according to Variety, Beyonce is in talks to appear at the Grammys next month. 

MOTHER OF R&B SINGER SAMMIE CHARGED WITH SECOND DEGREE MURDER IN FLORIDA SHOOTING: According to Hollywood Unlocked, the mother of R&B singer Sammie has been charged with second degree murder in the fatal and random shooting of a Florida mom of two. 56 year old Angila Denise Baxter allegedly shot a firearm at random cars and vehicles passing her across different parts of Orlando. An arrest affidavit shows Baxter shot at or into at least three vehicles, one of them being a black 2015 Mercedes Benz, belonging to Nekaybaw Collier — who was struck by a single bullet in her left abdomen.  Police found her in her wrecked car and rushed her to a hospital, where she later died.  According to Collier’s husband, Kevin Moore, she was on a grocery run, just a mile away from her home.  Police claim Baxter told them that she believed she was being followed by multiple people — and that was why she began firing off round after round at various cars and people passing her by.  It is also alleged that Baxter suffers from mental health issues. 

3LW SINGER KIELY WILLIAMS SAYS SHE HAD SEX WITH THREE MEMBERS OF B2K AT THE SAME TIME: During an interview with Carlos King, former 3LW singer Kiely Williams revealed that she once had sex with Raz B, Lil Fizz and J Boog of B2K at the same time. When asked if she ever dated Raz B, Kiely said, “’Date’ is a loose word.  I wouldn’t give that definition. I think I said ‘entanglement.’ With all of them except for [Omarion].” She continued, “I’m grown, I can admit it. Everybody has their h*e days. Let them have ’em! We’ll look back on them days when we’re older and be like, ‘Yeah. I was out there thot, thot, thottin'.”