BRANDY DENIES HOUSKEEPER'S CLAIMS OF AGEIST DISCRIMINATION: Brandy has denied accusations against her longtime housekeeper Maria Elizabeth Castaneda, who sued her for wrongful termination back in March. Castaneda has claimed that she was fired due to her age and also claimed that she wasn't provided with the required meal breaks. Castaneda also claimed that the singer didn’t pay her for her final two days of work and is seeking over $250,000 in damages and lost wages. According to VIBE, court documents suggest that Castaneda was not Brandy’s employee, but rather an independent contractor who performed housekeeping duties while the 60-year-old claims to have worked for the singer since 2002 making $125 per day. Brandy's legal team shared that the singer has denied all claims and damages and refuses to settle the matter out of court. The trial is anticipated to take five days in court, but an official date has not yet been set.

TIKTOK STAR CHRISTIAN WALKER CONFRONTS KEHLANI AT STARBUCKS: Popular TikTok star and son of Herschel Walker Christian Walker confronted Kehlani in a Starbucks line and accused the singer of telling a barista that he was an “a**hole.” She took to social media to address the situation, saying, 'I was in the Starbucks line this morning. I see behind me that kid christian Walker visibly losing his s**t in the car–me and my two mirrors. Zooming in and film the Starbucks workers and all the flags in the windows. This Starbucks is covered in gay flags, trans flags, like American remixed gay flags.” She continued, “He proceeds to get to the order box drive-thru intercom thing and is clearly harassing whoever is behind the order.” The singer went on to say that she visits the Starbucks often and many of the workers are people of color and appear to be queer. Kehlani also expressed she felt like Walker was going to harass the workers who are part of the LGBTQIA community, “even though he’s a part of the community.” She told the workers to “watch out because he had his phone “ready to record.” The employees allegedly responded and said they knew Walker and referred to the conservative media influencer as a “f***ing a**hole.” Kehlani continued to say he didn’t record when he initially started to speak to her. The 27-year-old expressed that Walker referred to her as a “b**ch” multiple times while she was in a virtual therapy session.

O'RYAN REACTS TO NUDE VIDEO LEAK: O' Ryan has reacted to his nudes being leaked on to social media. The singer and brother of Omarion joined Only Fans and shared the content there but didn't want the content to hit social media. He said, “Appreciate y’all too! Sorry but I didn’t put the video on Twitter or on Instagram because I’m aware all of you shouldn’t see that kind of content.” He also addressed people who criticized the nudes, saying, “If you don’t like what I’m doing or how I’m doing it DONT LOOK.”