CHLOE BAILEY REVEALS WHYS HE DELETED HER SOCIAL MEDIA FROM HER PHONE: Chloe Bailey has revealed why she decided to delete social media from her cell phone. During an interview with The Tamron Hall Show, she said, “For a minute, I removed all socials off my phone and I just turned it over to my team. Of course I’d make the content, I’d come up with the captions and I would just send it to them, but I got rid of my social media because I realized the things people were saying." She continued, “The negative things people were saying about me were affecting me, and I noticed if I’d go out on stage or ‘if I do this people are gonna say this,’ and I realized that I was changing myself for other people and their opinions and what they were accusing me of originally, which was not being myself and being forced, that’s what I was tuning into because I was so occupied with what people thought about me, but the second I deleted the apps off my phone, I was mentally so much clearer because you’re doing what makes you happy.”

DANIEL CAESAR APOLOGIZES ABOUT COMMENTS ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE: Daniel Caesar has admitted he was wrong for his 2019 comments he made about black people. During a recent interview with Apple Music, he reflected on the Black community’s response to white social media influencer YesJulz joking about wanting to wear a graphic t-shirt that read, “N***** lie a lot.” When asked by Nadeska what it is like looking back on that moment, he answered, “I completely understand the response.” He added, “And in time, after taking time to get over myself and to really honestly look at myself and everything that was happening, I was wrong. I was wrong, and I’m sorry about that. For a long time, I was like, ‘You can’t do anything, you can’t say anything without whatever. You can do and say whatever you want, but it’s like for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. And that’s physics. That’s science. That’s one of those things that the knowledge of that can literally put my mind at ease where I’m like, oh, I did deserve. What happened, happened because I deserved it, because I knocked the domino over and set a course in motion.”

SWV SAYS 'QUEENS OF R&B' SERIES RUINED THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH XSCAPE: During an interview with Sherri Shepherd, SWV said that their Bravo reality show Queens of R&B with Xscape has ruined their relationship with the Atlanta singing group. Taj said, “I do have a little regret. I knew going in it was going to be a little stressful, but I wanted it to be fun, I wanted us to go back to the ’90s and relive our youth and have so much fun. It wasn’t anything that I thought it was going to be, so I kind of regret that part. I feel like now, we’ll probably never be able to have that again.” Coko chimed in, “Too much has been said, too much disrespect, it’s just been really crazy and I was not expecting it like that at all, I thought it would really be cool.”