CHLOE BAILEY RELEASES SEXY THANK YOU VIDEO TO HER FANS: Chloe Bailey celebrated reaching 4 million followers on Instagram by posting a sexy video. In the clip, she is wearing lingerie and licking on a lollipop. She said, “To my 4 million followers and counting to my candy kisses and my clovers thank you all so much for loving me and I love your right on back there’s a lot more to come.” Of course, people had a lot to say about the video. One person wrote, “I’m usually on your side but this was a bit cringe. These ain’t OnlyFans bae.” Another wrote, “How did beyonce agree to this? Becoming oversexualised and its plain unnecessary when you have the voice, the range, the beauty and the talent. So whats the marketing strategy? Just Sex appeal? Hmm.”

PLEASURE P'S 17-YEAR-OLD ACCUSED OF MURDERING 24-YEAR-OLD MAN ON SOUTH FLORIDA HIGHWAY: Pleasure P's 17-year-old son Marcus Cooper Jr. has been named a prime suspect in a murder dating back to early last month. According to The Jasmine Brand, Cooper Jr. is accused of murdering 24-year-old Tyron Arthus in Broward County, Florida. Authorities claim both Cooper Jr. and Arthus were in the same car in the early hours of October 8th. However, at one point, Cooper Jr. allegedly ordered the victim out of the vehicle before shooting him. Tyron Arthus was then left for dead on I-595. Officers are currently looking for Cooper Jr. and there are an active warrant for his arrest.