CHRIS BROWN ANNOUNCES NEW SINGLE: Chris Brown has announced that he's releasing a new single called “Iffy.” Along with the announcement came a cinematic teaser. The song and its accompanying video will be out on January 14th.

COKO OF SWV SHARES EXPERIENCE IN VIRGINIA'S WINTER STORM: Hundreds of drivers spent over a dozen hours on Interstate 95 in Eastern Virginia on Monday (January 4th) due to a severe snow storm and icy roads. Coko of SWV was among those motorists and shared her experience on Instagram. She wrote, “oday is a great day!! I don’t look like what I’ve been through!🙌🏾 Yesterday I was stuck on I95 north for 9.5 hours! 😱😱 I got stuck on a pile of snow, ppl were kind enough to push me out. My car is damaged a bit but, @jayyemichael and I are safe. I made it to a hotel where I shall remain until I can go home. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before!!! I thank God for keeping us safe!!🙌🏾 No more road trips me!”