CHRIS BROWN CALLS KYRIE IRVING A 'REAL HERO': Chris Brown took to social media to praise his friend Kyrie Irving — who is currently banned from Brooklyn Nets practices and games for being unvacinnated. Chris wrote via Instagram, “I stand with my brother. WHOEVER DON’T LIKE IT … Go live your damn life.” He continued, “IT’S HIS CHOICE AND A DAMN GOOD ONE”

RAY J IS SEEKING JOINT CUSTODY OF CHILDREN AND WANTS TO TERMINATE THE CHANCE OF SPOUSAL SUPPORT: Ray J is reportedly seeking joint legal and physical custody of his two kids with estranged wife Princess Love. According to The Jasmine Brand, the divorce petition also notes that there is a prenup in place and he is requesting to terminate the court’s ability to award spousal support to either himself or Princess Love. He’s stating “’irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love earlier this month. This is the third time that the couple has filed for divorce.

DIONNE WARWICK QUESTIONS SAWEETIE ABOUT HER NAME: 'WHY IS IT NOT 'SWEETIE'?: Dionne Warwick took to Twitter to ask why rapper Saweetie's name is not "Sweetie." Dionne tweeted, “Why is that young lady’s name spelled ‘Saweetie’ and not ‘Sweetie’?” She later added, "This new generation is so creative and fun. ‘Saweetie’ is fun to say!” When a fan revealed that the name was “a childhood nickname from her grandmother,” Dionne responded, “wonderful.” She later tweeted, “Thank you all for answering my question about @Saweetie. i do like the name. I was just curious about the spelling.”