CIARA & RUSSELL WILSON REVEAL SEX OF THEIR BABY: Ciara and husband Russell Wilson announced they are expecting a son, sharing an adorable video of their outdoor gender reveal on social media. “Gender Reveal!! What’s it gong to be @DangeRussWilson ?!! Aaaaaah!!!,” the 34-year-old entertainer posted on her Instagram with 31-year-old Russell, their daughter Sienna Princess Wilson, 2, and Ciara’s son Future, 5. Wilson and Ciara blew blue smoke and confetti into the air, indicating a baby boy is on the way. The family of four then celebrated happily in their backyard.

O.T. GENASIS CONTINUES TO GO BACK AND FORTH WITH KEYSHIA COLE’S SISTER: O.T. Genasis kept his beef going with Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe. Neffe jumped into his beef with Keyshia by making a post about O.T. and he reponded by posting a mugshot of Keyshia and Neffe’s mom Frankie, saying that he sold her crack back in the day. He also posted footage of Neffe’s appearance on Iyanla’s Fix My Life. Neffe responded, “Looks like I striked a nerve huh little Odis! You wish you had a mother that’s why you asked Kris Jenner to adopt you? You won’t back me into a corner I see the real you sweet cheeks,a woman finally standing up to you and you have no control over this one!! your attempts are failing miserably now the world can see what a coward you are to bring up someone’s mother, Let’s not talk about your damaged sperm. Your true colors are showing you shadow of a man , your short man syndrome is taking control you should stop this isn’t very masculine of you little odis! This y’all Crip king? matter of fact woman to women you should hit me up and tell me how you feel to my face NIECE ?? #MessyBottom.”O.T. later went live to explain why he kept the beef going, saying that all bets were off when Neffe mentioned his son.

O.T. Genasis on why he is beefing with Keyshia Cole’s Neffeteria :