DIONNE WARWICK SAYS BEING THE BREADWINNER RUINED HER MARRIAGE: In an interview with The Guardian, Dionne Warwick revealed the reason why her marriage to William David Elliott in the late 60s and 70s didn't work out. She explained, “I was the major earning power in the family and that is very difficult for the male ego. It just got too much to bear for my husband, and we decided that it would be best for us to part ways.” She also revealed that she decided to do infomercials for the Psychic Friends Network just to make money. She said, “It was during a period of time when I was not recording. You know, it kept the lights on in my house and food on my table. It was an earning power. I earned money that I normally would have earned if I was on the road. It’s very simple.” As for whether she actually believed what she was selling, she said, “No more than anybody else…You ask anybody in the world: ‘What’s your sign?’ and they’ll say it.'” Meanwhile, when asked what she thought about the Whitney Houston hologram, she said, “I think it’s a waste of time. And Whitney’s legacy, her music, speaks for itself.”

SUMMER WALKER SAYS LONDON ON DA TRACK IS NOT ABUSIVE: Summer Walker is reassuring fans that her boyfriend London on Da Track is not abusive after he posted a video of himself grabbing her by the neck. Fans seemed concerned about the video but Summer says he was just playing. She wrote via Instagram, “London was really playing with me yall buggin he would never really try to hurt me.”

OMARION REVEALS THE KIND OF WOMAN HE IS LOOKING FOR: Omarion has opened up about the kind of woman he is looking for. During an interview with Essence's Yes, Girl! podcast, he said he would actually want an independent woman like his mom. He said, “Nowadays, independence is so promoted, it would be crazy for me to say I’d want a traditional woman who wants to stay at home. I actually like independence because it gives you your own voice. And also, that makes you accountable. Then I can hold you to something. I can hold you to some level of responsibility and respect.” He is also looking for a friendship first. He explained, “I think in order to really create something special, it has to be built on some foundation. And I think friendship is a good foundation you could always tap back on if you don’t agree. So for me, it’s not dating, it’s more so friendship. Like, how long can you be my friend, without being pushy, without requiring some aspect and attention of me? How can you flow with me? Can you flow? Can you hop on my motion, and can we create some rhythm together?”

JASON DERULO DANCES FOR FANS, TWITTER DRAGS HIM AND COMPARES HIM TO SAFAREE: Jason Derulo performed for fans on his TikTok page last night (March 23rd) and immediately rapper and Love & Hip-Hop star Safaree started trending online. People compared Jasons pop-lock dance moves to Safaree's. One person tweeted, “n*ggas said Jason Derulo is the Haitian, Safaree… and i ..i cant unsee it lmaooo.”