FAITH EVANS ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: According to TMZ, Faith Evans was arrested sometime last week at around 1 am after cops were called to her L.A. home that she shares with Stevie J. The two reportedly got into an argument and at some point, it turned violent. Sources say that when cops showed up, they noticed visible marks and scratches on Stevie's face. The signer was booked for felony domestic violence. She bonded out later that day. It is unclear what triggered their argument.

KIRK FRANKIN AND FRED HAMMOND GAVE MUCH NEEDED PEACE DURING 'VERZUZ' BATTLE: Yesterday (May 31st), Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond turned their Verzuz battle into a healing session for people reeling over the death of George Floyd. Bishop TD Jakes opened the battle with a prayer. He said, “Darkness everywhere, seemingly everywhere. Today we pray for light because we have seen too much darkness, from Trayvon to George Floyd. From 100K people dead from Covid … Lord knows we’ve seen too much darkness. I don’t know about you … but sometimes I feel like that knee is on my back and I can’t breathe. But let everything that has breath praise the lord.” Before they played music, Franklin said,”It’s been a painful week. It’s been a difficult week. We want to make it a moment of healing for you. We have 42 songs to give to you. We know the pain, we see the pain.” Tamela Mann made a surprise appearance for a live rendition of “Take Me to the King.” Franklin later announced that he is releasing a music video today (June 1st).

THE DREAM CRITICIZED FOR ASKING PROTESTORS TO STOP DESTROYING PROPERTY IN ATLANTA: The Dream was dragged on social media this past weekend after he urged Atlanta protestors to stop destroying property in their city. He tweeted, “Dear People, IF YOU ARE NOT FROM ATLANTA, DONT COME HERE AND PLEASE GO HOME. I OWN THINGS IN THIS CITY, A LOT OF BLACKS OWN THINGS IN THIS CITY, FROM BANKHEAD TO BUCKHEAD. DO NOT DESTROY PROPERTY THAT NEGATES THE DECADES OF WORK. MY CHILDREN WILL NOT BE SET BACK BY YOU!” After a couple of fans checked him for his comment, he said, “Are y’all that simple, all I talk about is black sht, all I do is black sht. Yao I can’t say don’t burn down my home. Yeah I’m sorry if you feel that’s cool. I beenin the streets. Ive been apart of illegal arrest and unrest. Hear what you want.” He continued, “We know the county’s that police show out in… why you ain’t there? So if you gone do something go there and 'protest' and be ready to die for it. I’m from that family! Where they left the house ready to die. so nah until it’s that don’t burn my sht.”