JANET JACKSON WOULD HAVE A LESBIAN FLING WITH ALICIA KEYS: Alicia Keys has reacted to a 2008 interview that Janet Jackson did with E! Online where she said she would date Alicia Keys if she were to have a “lesbian fling.” She said, “I think I would pick Alicia Keys. I think she's wonderful. Alicia resonded, “I always knew I was BAE But when @janetjackson says it 💥💥💥💥.” She added, “Make sure you watch OUR Sis, THE ICON’s Doc.”

MATHEW KNOWLES PRAISES JANET JACKSON'S DOCUMENTARY: Speaking of Janet, Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles praised Janet Jackson for her portrayal of her dad Joe Jackson in her Janet Jackson. documentary. He said, “I hope that you got to see the Lifetime which I thought was very good and for me answered a lot of questions. The first half was dedicated to her childhood which unveiled the curtain on how much, although a strict disciplinarian, Joe Jackson loved his kids, wanted the best for them and was an extremely smart, strategic, and effective manager, unlike the villain that mainstream media have painted. Janet, Randy and Tito repeatedly said 'if not for Joe we would have not had the success.'” Mathew continued, “Janet Super Bowl performance was a simple wardrobe malfunction which happens a lot when your performance includes strong dance routines. Google “Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction” and you will see that she has had a number of malfunctions actually similar, yet not blown out of proportion by mainstream media like Janet. Today’s news take is focused more on the wardrobe malfunction with Justin Timberlake and Joe Jackson’s role as a loving Black father/manager is completely forgotten! Thank you Janet for stepping up and telling the true story!!”

VERZUZ ANNOUNCES ANTHONY HAMILTON AND MUSIQ SOULCHILD TO BATTLE IT OUT: VERZUZ has announced that Anthony Hamilton and Musiq Soulchild will go to head to head in a Valentine's Day battle. The battle will go down on February 15th at the Avalon Hollywood at 6:15 pm PST.