JANET JACKSON DRAGGED FOR NELSON MANDELA POST: Janet Jackson faced a little backlash this weekend when she posted meme of Nelson Mandela standing inside of a prison cell. The meme was captioned, “In isolation for 27 years. No family, luxuries, phone. Just hope and a vision. We can do this..” Janet added “#StayHome.” The post received mixed reactions. One person wrote, “So you're telling me Mandela had a choice to leave Robin Island? 🤔.” Janet deleted the photo.

TINA KNOWLES WISHES BEYONCE AND JAY Z A HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: On Saturday (April 4th), Jay Z and Beyonce celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. Queen Bey's mom Tina Knowles wished the couple a happy anniversary on Instagram. She wrote, “Happy anniversary to Bey and Jay. It seemed like yesterday these guys walked down the Aisle . Such beautiful memories of that day now it’s twelve years later ! Three gorgeous babies later and love still prevails ahem i designed that dress.”

TAMAR AND TRINA BRAXTON TALK ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS FIGHT: Tamar and Trina Braxton gave their take on Kourtney and Kim Kardashian's recent physical altercation on their reality show. When Tamar asked Trina about it, Trina said, “When it’s them, it’s sensationalized. When it’s us Black women we can’t get along.” Tamar responded, “It was a lot for me. It was stressful for me. I’m not making it about me but it made me sad. It was heavy. I could never. I don’t care how much y’all work on my nerves or what the disagreement is, I could never open my hand. And it made me sad for Kris and for Kendall who was watching. I kind of felt her energy. It was a lot. I’m praying for them.”

ASHANTI'S SISTER REVEALS DOMESTIC ABUSE AND MISCARRIAGE IN B-DAY FOOTAGE: Ashanti's younger sister Kenashia “Shia” Douglas posted a video reflecting on her life on her 31st birthday last Friday (April 3rd) and in the clip, she shared images of herself with a black eye, bloody face, and broken teeth. She also shared images of a baby bump and sonogram. During the clip, she narrated, “Our experiences begin to shape our realities. Here, we learn about pain, isolation, sacrifice and heartache. These experiences though, no matter how bad, how painful, how ugly, how dark, how beautiful, are all threads that together wove our story and shape our purpose. They reignite our passion and remind us of who we are divinely meant to be.” Back in 2016, Kenashia was engaged to hip-hop entrepreneur, Rodney “Bucks” Charlemagne, better known as Slowbucks. It’s rumored that the two broke up in 2019. Ashanti shared the video and captioned it, “My sister is a F**KIN BEAST! One of the most resilient women I’ve been blessed enough to know. I’m honored to be your older sister…the blood in these veins will NEVER BETRAY. I love you. I’m with you. Always. Happy 31st Birthday.”