THE JACKSON FAMILY IS FREAKIING OUT OVER JANET JACKSON'S UPCOMING DOCUMENTARY: A source has told OK! Magazine that the Jackson family is freaking out over Janet Jackson's upcoming documentary. The source said that Janet plans to tell it all about her family. The source said that the family is most worried about Janet speaking on her late father Joe Jackson, saying, who “Father Joe Jackson He bullied Janet and made her feel like she was nothing without him, but her siblings say they had it much worse." The source added that Janet also plans to divulge details about her late brother Michael Jackson. The documentary will debut next year on Lifetime.

BOBBY BROWN JR.'S CAUSE OF DEATH REVEALED: According to Us Weekly, an autopsy has revealed that Bobby Brown’s son, Bobby Brown Jr. died in November 2020 after accidentally overdosing on alcohol, cocaine and fentanyl.  According to a Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner report, Bobby Jr.’s death is ruled as “accidental.”  Members of the LAPD said in the report that Bobby Jr. had “a medical history of alcohol abuse” and was “pronounced dead at the scene.” The police officers also detailed several witness statements, including one from Bobby Brown Jr.’s girlfriend, Anna Reed, who said he had “snorted” half a Percocet tablet and three lines of cocaine prior to being found unresponsive in his home. Another unidentified witness told authorities that Bobby Jr. had “a medical history of cigarette use, smoking approximately 1 pack a day and vaping” in addition to smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol “socially.”

KEHLANI DENIES KAALAN WALKER'S ABORTION CLAIMS: Kehlani has addressed actor and accused rapist Kaalan Walker's claims that she aborted his baby.  Walker was recently released from jail on bail after being locked up since 2018, facing assault charges. Kehlani recently spoke out on the rape allegations against Walker and Walker claimed she aborted their baby. Kehlani wrote via IG, “lemme make this very clear… i know his victims personally. i was asked personally and privately to back them up because multiple large platformed people/celebrities had literally left them on READ. if speaking up for abused women makes me ‘getting in someone’s business’ if it makes me ‘messy’ then i’ll absolutely be that. i’ll take that over being the woman who was SILENT when came to personally for help." She continued, "i’m not addressing the *very clear* craziness, but anyone with the notion i ‘inserted myself’ can kiss my mf ass. who gets anything positive from anything related to assault? what clout? who wants to be known for anything this traumatic? as many times as i’ve spoken about being a victim myself? i will never be so afraid of imaginary repercussions that i let it stop me from standing up for what’s wrong. a lot of y’all need your mf cards revoked, and he needs to be back in jail and medicated. bless it.”